Quality Construction Garanteed

Based in Both Ireland & Egypt
With offices in Both Ireland and onsite in Egypt. Patrick is on hand for meeting and supervision.


Bespoke Design & Construction

The Design/Build process simplifies the complexity of your building project by putting you in control. There is one point of contact and you may be involved to whatever extent you wish.


About Us

Patrick’s Villas is an Irish company with offices in Egypt.

We specialise in building luxury villas on your own plot in the Sahl Hasheesh resort and elsewhere.

The Chief Executive of the company is Mr. Patrick Ryan who has 40 years experience of construction in Ireland and Europe and brings this experience to the company in Egypt.

Patrick has been working in Egypt for the last 8 years experiencing the Egyptian market and has seen first hand the pit falls and problems that face foreign investor.

The villa shown in the homepage of this site is the villa Patrick built for himself and now lives in permanently in the Sahl Hasheesh resort in Hurghada, Egypt.

Patrick is on site at all times to supervise all the work himself and to meet and work with local management

Patrick’s Villas is a building company that fills the gap in the Sahl Hasheesh construction market.

The founder of the company is Mr Patrick Ryan who is from the republic of Ireland in the European Union.

Patrick has been travelling to Egypt for the last 8 years investing in the market and discovering the pitfalls that can befall the unwary investor. He has experienced many problems and unpleasant business practises first hand himself, so he is well placed to advise foreign investors in the Egyptian market.

Patrick also has 40 years building experience in his own country, Ireland and has built a beautiful villa in the villa district of Sahl Hasheesh resort, where he now lives.

The photographs on this site are of Patrick’s own villa and any potential client is more than welcome to come and view the finished product.

You must really see the finished villa in reality, When you see the pictures on a site it does not tell the full story, when you see and walk around the finished villa it is only then you can see how spectacular it is and take steps with Patrick to make your dream home a reality also.